Monday, April 19, 2010

To infinity and beyond...

So April has been super busy for me and I haven't had much crafting time to myself. I've been working on wedding programs, a new set of wedding invitations for a november wedding as well as lollipop birthday invitations--all to be featured in my blog soon!!

I was able to create a trishutter birthday card for my friends 5 yr old son. The tri shutter cards are my style theme this year for birthday cards(If I get time to make them.

Front of card, closed:

Card Opened:

Another view:

I love making these cards--they are a huge it and fun to make!

Happy Scrapping :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Clutter Clutter everywhere!

So I haven't been crafting in the last couple weeks--as always life gets in the way of my creativity...Busy at work, went to see Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, Easter...

Since my last post I got a new storage unit (free from a print shop that was looking to get rid of it!) for my scrapbook room. Originally it was intended for my paper that way it wouldn't get dusty since this new unit had glass doors. Unfortunately The paper is too big and won't fit...well at least behind the glass. The unit also has storage behind doors on the bottom and my papers can fit there with plenty of room to spare.

My room looks like a tornado hit it--things moved everywhere. Hope to get it more organized and cleaned up in the next few days that way I can get my creative juices flowing and make some cards and start on my cousins baby book.

Happy Scrapping :)