Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My life has been turned upside down and slowly getting back to normal. I will most likely be MIA on here till the new year where I hope to log in on a regular basis-definitly easier now that we have internet at home again.

I will also try to revamp the blogs look over time as well as add more/new projects I find or complete.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ugly Paper Challenge

So I have been MIA most of this year on here, but I did finally manage to upload a layout I recently completed for an Ugly paper challenge. I haven't scrapped in so long and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Here are the "ugly" papers I recieved and "ugly" embellishment:

I loved the dragonfly paper and the mermaid paper made me laugh since it went along with my screen name on scrapbook.com so well :)

After some hunting through pictures and playing with paper options I decided to scrap "Along the River". Last year I went out to lunch with one of my best friends and afterwards we went to a park area along the river. Here is the layout I created to capture the day:

I used the dragonfly paper as part of the background. To dull the colors of the bright papers I sanded the edges and center with an nail buffer. I made a small rosette out of the dragonfly paper as well and inked the edges.

The mermaid paper was a challenge. I decided to make my rosettes out of this paper and inked the edges with a button center. I also pleated the title background and hand stitched it on one side to keep it together. I used letter brads to create my title.

I love the way this came out and I can't wait to do this challenge again next month as well as find some more time to scrap!

Happy Scrapping :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick update for now...

Been really busy and still without internet at home. I don't think I miss it as much as my hubby does until I have the need to blog or post pictures online. Hopefully soon I will be able to do it at home, until then I'll have to remember to bring my laptop to hubby's work and get some stuff up on here finally.

I've been working on wedding invitations, graduation invitations, cards and a mini album I'm itching to post on here...SOON!!

The garden is growing again this year and as always that days seem to fly past me.

I'm hoping to get my stationary/scrapping business officially registered with the state and online so I can market myself and start making some more$$$ :)

Until next time....
Happy Scrapping

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some Puppy Love...

I love my puppies with all my heart and loved making these layouts for their first album. Sadly one of them (male-Lance) passed away at a young age of 3 almost two years ago, and now our gwen was diagnosed with mast cell tumor/cancer. I am really behind on these pictures and layouts but as I say better late than never! Eventually I will get to scrapping the other 2 pups and other animals and events!!

They were small enough here to use a simple stake in the ground to hold them in place :)

Oh how they love their toys!

At "grandma's" house :)

Happy Scrappin' :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Stair Step Card for me

I'm alwasy looking for new techniques to try especially for cards. Last year I loved making the tri-shutter fold style cards and those who recieved them loved them. This year I wanted to try somthing different and found the stair step cards fun and simple to create. Here is my first card/try- a friends birthday card:

Front view:

Close up of layered flowers:

Close up of embossed words:

Side view of card:

There are many different variations that can be done to this card and I can't wait to create more of this style of card.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

1st Birthday cards of the year

Life always throws you curve balls-its up to you to catch and deal with them! I've been dealing with the news that one of our pups (Gwen) has cancer and I've spent a lot of time at vet visits and just spending time with her-hence why I'm just now updating the blog.

On happier news I have created a couple of birthday cards this year so far. I'm also working on my third which is a new style to me of a stair step card-I'll have a separate post for this soon :)

Co-workers birthday card-making cards for guys is always a challenge for me. This one got my hubby's approval for a man card :)

I started a birthday card swap in one of my facebook groups and this is the first card I made for it:

Happy Scrapping :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011

Wow how fast time flies, I can't believe its already 2011, let alone that I haven't posted since the summer!

I'll start my new years blog with a list of goals that I have set for myself (crafty and non crafty)

*Scrapbook for myself at least once a week

*Finish my wedding scrapbooks and puppy book.

*Try a new technique at least once a month (or one that I haven't tried before)

*Try to keep my room tidy--not holding my breath on this one!!

*cook more meals from scratch

*Grow a bigger garden and start canning my foods for the winter months

*Walk my dogs more

*Participate in more 5K races/events

*Reach and maintain my goal weight

*Have fun with family and friends :)