Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Changes :)

So I've been doing the happy dance all night yesturday and so far today--it doesn't matter that its only in my head :) Last night I traded in two of our lawn ornaments (2 fun but unused vehicles: car-2002 Trans Am and truck-1999 Dodge Ram with a 6" lift aka my little monster) for a 2009 Jeep Patriot. My new baby is red, not a gas guzzler, has room for my furry children, and I love it. I'll be posting pictures soon and eventually coming up with a name.

Pat and I have had a roomate or a few ever since we moved in together about 2.5years ago. There was a short period of time where we lived together alone without a third person. Well in a couple of weeks that will all change and for the better--our roommate of about 2 years is FINALLY moving out! Now don't get me wrong-the extra rent money was nice but I really don't need a third person in the house to deal with or clean up after...We are married and shouldn't have to have a roomie!!! Even though he's not moving far--he will be out next door neighbor--it will be awesome just to have the house for me and pat like its supposed to be!!

I'll finally be able to expand my scrapbook room and move the ferret city into the other room :) I'll have my fridge, pantry and garage freezer back--no more hoping that groceries fit! I won't have to share the laundry room any more!, only downfall is now I'll have a third bathroom to clean...but I'll take that to not sharing the house anymore anyday!

On the crafty front...I have been working on wedding invite samples for a couple of people-I'll eventually post pictures of them --I don't want to ruin the surprise of invites to potential guests so it will have to wait. I have 2 craft shows that I should apply to soon to guarentee that I get a booth, and I have to add more inventory to my shop on etsy and also have extras for the craft shows. I'll be adding some fall/halloween themed items soon :)

Happy Scrapping :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fan Page

So facebook has this feature where you can create a fan page to promote your business. I finally decided to take the plunge and create a fan page for my etsy store: creative scraps. We will see what happens--at least its another way to get my name out there and hopefully make some sales!

Its currently only the bare minimum. I will be adding details tonight and the rest of the week as new stuff gets posted to the store. I'll also figure out how to add a facebook button on here to share.

Facebook also offers and add option to advertise your store but this comes with a small fee so for right now I'll take a pass on it.

In the mean time I am working on wedding invitations and paper stuff for a November 2009 wedding--pictures will go up when I get the brides permission and when she sends out the invites to her guests--don't want to ruin the surprise :)

Working on a program fan sample and another wedding invitations--hopefully those become actual orders and not just mock ups.

I'm having fun and realizing how much I really missed wedding stuff!

Happy Scrapping :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Girls Night In

Who says just because you are married that the fun girlie sleepovers have to end? Not me!!! I love the time I spend with my H.S girls--and they are usually sleepovers too :)

Last night I spent time cooking up a yummy meat and spinach lasagna to share with everyone tonight. (I'll update this blog entry with pictures later!)I can't wait to see everyone again and hang out in the downtown condo drinking yummy drinks, eating yummy food and hanging out--maybe even by the pool tonight and definitly by the pool tomorrow!

Busy schedules are always a challange to overcome with friends. I'm glad that my H.S girls can always find time to get together for at least eachothers birthdays. I love making cards for each person and even better is their reaction to the cards I make for them...

So tonight will be a start to a crazy fun and BUSY weekend for me. Here is a quick look into my weekend:

Friday to saturday afternoon--hanging out with the girls :)

Saturday afternoon to evening--driving my aunt around to different stores--who knows maybe I'll even buy something for myself!

Saturday night--bbq dinner with Pat at friends house and then meeting up a few other friends for karaokee --I just watch-you'll never find me behind the mike!

Sunday--I intend to sleep as much as I can! and maybe get some wedding invite samples ready...

Here are some pictures from the downtown condo:

Balcony view!

Happy Birthday Sher!

Monday, July 13, 2009

R.I.P Lance (March 31 2006 - July 12 2009)

I am new to this blog thing but I wanted to share this, our 3 yr old rottie Lance passed away last night around 8pm. Unfortunately I wasn't home when this happened but Pat was. His death has been very hard to deal with --I know a lot of people think no biggie he was just a dog--but he was so much more and he will be dearly missed and never forgotten.

We took him to the vet this morning and they did a necropsy (dog autopsy) on him. The Dr.'s are just as shocked and confused by his untimely death. Pat and I originally thought it was heart disease based on the symptoms online, but the Dr. said his heart was fine and not abnormal in any way. No heartworms either...His lymph nodes were enlarged, his lungs had hemmoraged and his spleen/liver looked a little off. That was all nothing else was wrong with him. He was not around any medicine or chemicals/poisons that we know of or can see--we don't keep anything dangerous at doggie level in the house.

Last week he was very needy around me but I figured he was depressed since I wasnt really around since I was busy with the craft show. That weekend he started dry hacking without any vomit--I wasn't too concerned since he was still active and eating normally. By the start of the week he was getting finicky with eating--but I didn't think anything since we were in the process of changing out their food so I figured he was ok. The unproductive hacking was on and off last week and I was going to take him in this week to get his check up and ask the Dr. about his hacking. He started only eating 1 meal a day but still eating. Saturday morning was his last meal. He did not eat saturday night and did not eat sunday morning before I left. I had then made up my mind to take him in this week since he didn't eat at all for 2 meals in a row...well he never got that chance... the vet says that he didn't show any serious signs and that this is just weird/shocking and that makes me feel better --knowing that I did everything that I could do, that it wasn't something I neglected or missed.

I'd like to think he went peacefully without much of a struggle--I just wish I was there in his final moments and that has been the hardest part for me to deal with--that I was not there, but I am glad that Pat was there and spent some final moments with him before he passed in his own little spot in the yard where Pat later found him. ( I am planning on planting a flower garden in the area that he chose as his final resting place--a project for me to work on--Thanks little man for choosing a great spot for my flower garden)

The vet will be taking additional samples and going to the vet school at UofI and I hope that they can give us a definitive answer in about a week. Since Gwen is a litter mate Pat and I were concerned that if Lance had some sort of genetic thing that Gwen may have it too. I took her to the vet this afternoon and they did a blood panel and xray of her chest. The xrays came back normal and we are now waiting for the blood work to come back from the lab. But she is not showing any signs or change of routine--shes still active, eating her 2 meals and keeping up with Lady. So we shall see and I hope her blood work comes back normal.

It hurts me to see Gwen look like she is looking for Lance--she has not ventured to the other side of the yard much today and has stayed at my side. At least we all have eachother and Gwen still has Lady.

I will keep you all updated when more information from the vet becomes available. Thank you for all of your concern and thoughts--it helps to see how many lives Little Man has touched and I'm glad he had a chance to meet most of you...

R.I.P Lancelot "Lance"
Our Little Man Forever
March 31 2006- July 12 2009

We love you and miss you with all of our hearts...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My 1st Craft Show in Pictures

I took the advise of many craft boards and practiced my booth set up before the show. I used a tape measure and blue painters tape to mark off a 10x10 spot in the driveway. I used 4 folding folding tables, table covers, card holder, and standing pegboard, the raised shelves were made out of boards and soup/veggie cans covered in red napkins :)

I set up for the craft show Friday before the show. It took me about 2 hours from the time I left my house to the time I left the venue for set up. I had to rearrange my tables since I ended up having an end spot and didn't have a vender on my other side. My one neighbor had white sheer screens and worked to my advnatage this is what I came up with:

I took me about 2-3 hours to get all my merchandise organized and car trunk loaded the night before the show--I was exhausted by the end of it all and I had a very early morning!

I arrived to the show about 545am! yes that early!! It took me about an hour to set up all my merchandise and tape my 50ft extention cord to the ground. I relaxed and ate my breakfast-a cream filled donut :) I then started to work on an explosion box for the show.

One thing I was glad I didn't get was DRAMA--there was booth across from me with nothing but yelling bickering as they set up! it was pure entertainment as I scrapped away waiting for the show to start.

The following are are pictures of me in my 1st booth and close ups of my tables:

I had a blast working my 1st show. I made some $ and more importantly I got my name finally out there and got some contacts that were interested in my work wether it be in personal scarpbooks, invitations or even teaching classes!! this exposure was priceless and I can't wait to do my next show !

Happy Scrapping :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July craft show

So the 4th of july weekend has come and gone. My first craft show was saturday July 4th and despite the rain I think it went real well. I had a ton of fun and slept really well that night!

Here is a list of things I learned since doing my 1st show:

*leave enough time to organize your products and have them in your car ready to go the night before the show. It took me 2-3 hours to do this! but saved me tons of time the next morning.

*definitly have floor length table covers--I borrowed some from a friends mom. They definitly make it look more professional and put together. Plus its great for storing all the boxes you bring along.

*make sure you have extra supplies to make additional crafts. I sold out of all my Cubs themed stuff and was able to make extra during the show and sold them as well!

*even if you are tired stand and smile and greet everyone that passes by. Boy was this tiring but well worth it--I had people stop in my booth even if they were just scanning/walking by just because I said Hi to them. Also this helps prevent thieves from stealing since they know you have seen them. I had a chair with me at the show but never used it to sit on instead I held my recipets and bags on it.

*Give yourself plenty of time to set up. Fortunately mine was very simple and I was able to set up in 2 days--I set up tables and peg board the day before and merchandise the morning of. Also make sure you set up merchandise where its not cluttered.

*Make sure you have something to drink during the day-you'll be surprised how dry your mouth/lips get! snacks aren't bad as long as they are not smelly or messy.

*Have someone man your booth for bathroom breaks. I tried to ignore this but when Pat brought over some supplies I forgot at home I was glad to get a bathroom break!

*Do NOT pack up early--even if the show is slow, there are still people walking around and they don't want to be rushed. I was surprised to see many booths starting to pack up 15-20 minutes before the show ended. I stayed open and made a few last minute sales. People appreciated that I wasn't packing up.

*Never tell people how much you made at the show--I had a few RUDE people do this--I just smiled and told them I did well and more importantly I made contacts and had fun.

* I rounded my prices to dollars which worked great for not having to deal with coins less of a hassle

*even if the person does not want a recipet write down what they bought/price for your own records. It shows what sold at the show and a quick way to tally up sales.

*Make sure you get email information from customers and people interested in your products and had out price lists and business cards. I went through about 100 business cards during the show!

*collect and store other craft show applications and do not lose them--I think I picked up applications for 4-5 other shows!

I'm sure there are more tips that I learned and I'll post them as I remember them.

Be on the lookout for show and merchandise pictures coming soon! (hopefully tonight)

Happy Scrapping :)