Monday, December 14, 2009

Its starting to feel like Christmas...but where's the snow?

This weekend the rest of the outdoor Christmas lights went up --thanks to my dad coming over and helping me get them all up. You can see the house from down the block and that makes me very happy. Its my favorite time of the year when I can put the lights up--to me its not Christmas with out the house all decorated outside and inside.

I also started to add more decorations to the inside of the house, but I think my house is protesting...all the garland that I hung up has started to fall off!!! I have to find a stickier solution than the hooks I'm currently using. I have this problem every year and my husband thinks its hillarious, of course he won't help (he thinks its a waste of time)--one day I will win the sticky war and my garland will stay up!!

My husband and I have never done gifts--we usually get stuff ourselves that we want, concert tickets or travel. This year his parents are buying us our tickets to Texas so we can visit them. I'm excited to go and see his family again but I also hope we can see other parts of Texas that we haven't seen before. This will be my first Christmas without snow...I think I may miss it--I already do here in IL--we don't have any of the white stuff on the ground just MUD! from all the rain and ice that we have gotten--I just wish it would snow already so my kitchen floors would stay clean. I guess muddy floors are here to stay for now as my pups go play out in the yard.

On the scrapping front--I have to clean up all the leftover boxes from christmas ornaments that are in the room. I got a real tree this year and have it in the window in my scrapbook room since its the only window that I can use facing the front of the house. Pat refuses to move the furniture in the living room to make room for a tree, so this is the best that I can do.

I have also started working on a few Chirstmas card designs that I will be mailing out to friends and family in upcoming week.

I will be adding pictures later tonight I hope :)

Happy Scrapping

Friday, December 11, 2009

Broadway on my mind...

I have always been a fan of theatre and musicals. For me they are a great way to escape and I find them more personal then just seeing a movie on a big screen. I love the costumes, set designs, choreography--basically all of it!

Lately wanting to see broadway shows in Chicago has been on my mind a lot! I have missed a ton of shows in the past and I don't see that changing anytime soon unless I make drastic changes now!! The last show I saw live was years ago. I took my mom to see Filder on the Roof--one of her favorite stories for mother's day. We had a blast and enjoyed the show.

I wish Pat would go to see theatre shows with me--but he HATES theatre especially musicals. I dragged him to see his colleges production a few years back--he liked it--but says he would never go again--why? I have no idea. I will never "make" him go with me because he made the car ride that miserable!!

I hate going to shows/events alone but I think it will be the only way for me to see shows. I may be able to take my mom to a few... I have also started thinking of getting season passes for the new year. Here is their website:

The shows that are included for the season are:
*Billy Elliot the musical
*August: Osage County
*Beauty & the Beast
*Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 steps
*Shrek the musical

Depending on the seats you choose you can be a season ticket holder for these shows for under $150!!! To me thats a great deal since most of these shows will sell out fast and you will pay about $100 for each show!! Plus there are a lot of other benefits with being a season holder like getting friends and family tickets before they are released to the public. I may make this my late christmas gift to myself and start going alone--that way I won't miss any more shows.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Updated Blog Posts & making lists...

Took some time out to post some pictures in past blogs. Feel free to check them out and enjoy :)

As I listen to Ava bark at the air or the wall, I'm thinking of a few things that still need to get done:

*make and mail out/give out christmas cards
*finish decorating the tree and hopefully the outdoor lights if it ever stops
snowing/sleeting out

This weekend I have no plans so I hope to get the above completed--that is my goal at least. I would also like to get back to scrapping for myself. I recently started my b-party scrapbook and got through the front page. I need to print off pictures and get scrapping...hopefully I can get some done before the girls scrappy night in a couple of weeks. Finding time to scrap where I am not tired or when I am motivated to be crafty has been difficult for the last couple of weeks. I find myself organizing my stuff more than actually making stuff. I get into these ruts every so often and eventually I get out of them and get in a creative mood. This is also part of the reason why my etsy store is so bare. I have had no time to take good pictures-and the lack of a light box isn't helping since I get home and its dark out. I may also construct a light box for taking great pictures in this weekned. If I do this I will take pictures of each step and post a tutorial on here.

Happy Scrapping :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time Flies!!!

WOW! I can't believe its already December, and that my last blog was in the middle of August--sorry about that!

I have been busy and I wish it was more scrapping stuff than regular life. Some updates to share with pictures:

on the animal front:
*RIP Bosco--our oldest little fuzzie passed away september 16--he lived a long life and I am glad Pat and I were there to happily extend his years and make the last couple some great ones for him. The other fuzzies are doing great and playful as ever!

Bosco with his favorite crab hiding spot--it kept him warm and cozy :)

*Also in September we "adopted" a chocolate lab and named her Avalon "Ava" for short. One of Pats coworkers had her and no longer could keep her so we took her into our home. She has adjusted well and gets along with the other dogs.

Ava in the grass & meeting her new family

*The beardies are doing great and love their new larger home :)

* The Koi are doing great in their outdoor home--although I think the crazy weather is starting to confuse them --its been warm this past weekend and last week. They have already started to hibernate but then are also coming up for food in the warmer days...hopefully the weather makes up its mind soon! Here are a couple of pictures of the fish/pond from earlier this year:

Scrapping Updates:
*Completed one set of the wedding invitation sets I was working on for a Nov. wedding along with programs and place cards (still need to be uploaded from the camera!):

*Focusing on another wedding invitation set due at the end of January--pictures will be posted by April 2010.

*My new scrapbook room is fully painted and moved in. I'm using my craftshow tables as my desk/work area and will break them down when I do shows. I have my peg board up and working on getting the second ready to hang. Also I'll be adding a floor to ceiling stamp/inkpad shelf in the next couple of weeks--I'm very excited about this--thanks Dad! :)

*I'll be updating my etsy shop with some christmas goodies soon...just have to take better pictures and upload them.

* I will not be hosting a table at this years xmas craft show in Kankakee--I didn't have enough time to build up my inventory--hopes to getting things together for next years show!

I promise to log onto here more often and definitly start adding pictures to my naked blog here!! please be patient --thank you :)

Happy Scrapping :)