Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stamp Shelf in the making...

This past weekend as I was busy with invitations, my dad came out and put together my new stamp shelf. Its huge--floor to ceiling and has a total of 18 shelves. It took all day to put together and attach to my wall-but definitly worth it!!

I always thought I had a lot of stamps--didn't get into stamping until the last couple of years...but by the looks of my "empty" shelving I have plenty of room to expand :) (I'm sure my husband is thrilled with that LOL!)

The boards that will become my shelves:

My dad working on the long boards to make the shelving unit:

The base of the shelving put together :)

Empty but attached to the wall: (please ignore the mess!)

My attempt to fill the shelves!

Happy Scrapping :)


  1. wow, nice stamp shelves....mine are in boxes but I hope to get some shelves up in the next few weeks...


  2. Yea I had mine in boxes too and it looked like I had a ton of stamps-now that they are on the shelves not so much LOL!