Thursday, March 18, 2010

Adventures with adhesive and my new love ... the ATG gun

I have heard of the ATG (****) Gun over the years and have not gotten one until now. The top reason (and only reason) why it took so long was due to its price. They are not cheap to start with but in the end save money when compared to other adhesives.

As an avid scrapbooker adhesive is very important to me. I started off with photo tabs. The little papers (backing) got all over the place and was messy... I was ok with this until it started not to hold as well. I use them on occasion, but have shifted to other adhesibves.

I then tried and LOVED my Tombow roll adhesive. It was small and fit well in my hands. I found it easy to use and it held --I never had issues with stuff falling apart. After some time I noticed the package changed but the product stayed the same (at least thats what I thought). Slowly I realized that my stuff was starting to come apart! This made me angry and I was off to look for a new adhesive.

I came accross Kokuyo dot adhesive and loved it. The little dot dispenser held well and projects stayed in tact. So why switch from this great product you may ask? well the company went out of business or something and the product was no longer being made!! **I have been informed that this product is no longer made under the name Kokuyo, 3M in the united states bought rights to this exact product and it is sold now as the Scotch adhesive dot roller--may have to pick one up to test it out for smaller projects.

So back to square one I went. I settled on Herma Dotto dot adhesive and was impressed with its strength. The more I used it the more I started to hate it for other reasons--since it really is sticky! It would gook up on the sides and get real messy--My table still has residue left over from it! Also to refill the tape was a pain and took a while with looking at directions. Eventually it got so gooked up I couldn't get it to roll without hurting my fingers/wrist.

I went online and people were raving about the Adtec adhesive...they are super cheap--you can get a pack of 2 refills for $2.50! I used it with caution thinking to my self why is this one so much cheaper? well stuff started to come apart again--not at first and I saw it more with my shimmery cardstock.

I also have a xyron sticker maker which I love and never had issues with so my next adhesive trial was with the xyron roll dot adhesive. Like the others this is not on the cheap side... about $10 for the dispenser and one roll and refills are $4.99 for 28 ft. I bought mine on sale. I started using it and LOVE it --it doesn't gook up like the other adhesives and rolls out easily and smoothly. I may stay with it for quick little jobs, but refill will cost me.

After careful consideration and reviews I FINALLY purchased my ATG gun 700 style number with the Gold adhesive--the only one that is archival safe. I got it from: the cheapest place that has it. I got it for around $40 and refills are $3.45 each. Each adhesive roll is 108ft long--A lot more than the other hand helds I have been buying.

***They are backordered for the size I wanted, the 1/4" one so hopefully by the end of this month they will be able to send me my new scrapping toy!

Happy Scrapping :)

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