Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jewelry new crafty addiction

I used to make seed beed jewelry back in the days--nothing fancy just a single strand of beads and simple flowers throughout. I have these beads somewhere around here-most likely at my parents house in one of my many boxes still there!

Yesturday a couple of friends and I met up and made some jewelry. Shopping for beads is so exciting but took me forever--I wanted to buy all the beads I saw--they are all so beautiful and probably fun to play with. After a couple of hours at a few stores I had my starter stash to work with...Thanks to lenni I used some of her stash for fillers too! Now I have to remember which filler beads I loved and go out and get them myself along with a couple of beading tools.

Yummy snacks, some wine and tons of beads here are my creations, 2 necklaces with matching earings :)

A closer look:

Still learning how to make proper loops, not messing up patterns,and attaching clasps but all in all I had a blast. Looks like I found a new crafty addiction!!

Happy Scrapping :)

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