Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Started off the Christmas season with the annual Amica Christmas Party near Barrigton, IL with Pat and his parents.  Its always a good time seeing the organs played.  Instead of the regular concerts, this year the organ accompanied a couple of silent films-christmas themed of course.  The night ended with food, drinks, and a ride on the indoor carousel.

I've had mixed feelings for the holidays this year, honestly really not feeling them at all.  Cut down my own christmas tree from a local farm-something I started last year and will do so again.  I did make the best of it and hung out with friends downtown, hunting down mushroom ornaments to add to my tree in honor of my mom-one tradition I will continue well into the future.  Christmas eve dinner was the first time I cooked a Polish traditional dinner by myself and it was delicious, and the Christmas Day dinner that followed was also enjoyed by all.  The highlight of the season for me was hand crafting a christmas wreath for my mom-something I hope will become a new tradition for each passing holiday.

Of course the pups enjoyed thier Christmas Bones:

The Holidays were bitter sweet this year but I know surrounding myself with friends and family is what made them a happy experience that I hope will grow as the years go on.  Maybe next year we will acutally get snow!!

Happy Holidays!

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