Monday, January 9, 2012

Ugly Paper Challenge-January

The ugly papers and embellishment I recieved for January 2012

I am excited to be able to participate in this wonderful challenge again from its great for laughs and very inspirational craft wise--no longer need to throw away the ugly paper one aquires in the huge paper stacks!

I discovered this challenge last year and fell in love right away. It really makes you think outside of the box and I couldn't wait to see what uglies I recieved. Unfortunately I had to postpone my participation in the challenge till now, but I can't wait to start again this month.

Overview of Challenge: participants are paired up with a buddy and they are to mail out 2 sheets of Ugly patterened paper and an ugly embellishment to them in the beginning of the month. Once the papers arrive you have till the end of the month to create a layout. Sounds easy enough until you see the strange and sometimes terrifying combos people come up with-its always so much fun :)

I will post a completed LO by the end of the month. To check out the challenge and the other pages people create go to the link here:

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