Friday, July 17, 2009

Girls Night In

Who says just because you are married that the fun girlie sleepovers have to end? Not me!!! I love the time I spend with my H.S girls--and they are usually sleepovers too :)

Last night I spent time cooking up a yummy meat and spinach lasagna to share with everyone tonight. (I'll update this blog entry with pictures later!)I can't wait to see everyone again and hang out in the downtown condo drinking yummy drinks, eating yummy food and hanging out--maybe even by the pool tonight and definitly by the pool tomorrow!

Busy schedules are always a challange to overcome with friends. I'm glad that my H.S girls can always find time to get together for at least eachothers birthdays. I love making cards for each person and even better is their reaction to the cards I make for them...

So tonight will be a start to a crazy fun and BUSY weekend for me. Here is a quick look into my weekend:

Friday to saturday afternoon--hanging out with the girls :)

Saturday afternoon to evening--driving my aunt around to different stores--who knows maybe I'll even buy something for myself!

Saturday night--bbq dinner with Pat at friends house and then meeting up a few other friends for karaokee --I just watch-you'll never find me behind the mike!

Sunday--I intend to sleep as much as I can! and maybe get some wedding invite samples ready...

Here are some pictures from the downtown condo:

Balcony view!

Happy Birthday Sher!

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