Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Changes :)

So I've been doing the happy dance all night yesturday and so far today--it doesn't matter that its only in my head :) Last night I traded in two of our lawn ornaments (2 fun but unused vehicles: car-2002 Trans Am and truck-1999 Dodge Ram with a 6" lift aka my little monster) for a 2009 Jeep Patriot. My new baby is red, not a gas guzzler, has room for my furry children, and I love it. I'll be posting pictures soon and eventually coming up with a name.

Pat and I have had a roomate or a few ever since we moved in together about 2.5years ago. There was a short period of time where we lived together alone without a third person. Well in a couple of weeks that will all change and for the better--our roommate of about 2 years is FINALLY moving out! Now don't get me wrong-the extra rent money was nice but I really don't need a third person in the house to deal with or clean up after...We are married and shouldn't have to have a roomie!!! Even though he's not moving far--he will be out next door neighbor--it will be awesome just to have the house for me and pat like its supposed to be!!

I'll finally be able to expand my scrapbook room and move the ferret city into the other room :) I'll have my fridge, pantry and garage freezer back--no more hoping that groceries fit! I won't have to share the laundry room any more!, only downfall is now I'll have a third bathroom to clean...but I'll take that to not sharing the house anymore anyday!

On the crafty front...I have been working on wedding invite samples for a couple of people-I'll eventually post pictures of them --I don't want to ruin the surprise of invites to potential guests so it will have to wait. I have 2 craft shows that I should apply to soon to guarentee that I get a booth, and I have to add more inventory to my shop on etsy and also have extras for the craft shows. I'll be adding some fall/halloween themed items soon :)

Happy Scrapping :)

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