Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Updated Blog Posts & making lists...

Took some time out to post some pictures in past blogs. Feel free to check them out and enjoy :)

As I listen to Ava bark at the air or the wall, I'm thinking of a few things that still need to get done:

*make and mail out/give out christmas cards
*finish decorating the tree and hopefully the outdoor lights if it ever stops
snowing/sleeting out

This weekend I have no plans so I hope to get the above completed--that is my goal at least. I would also like to get back to scrapping for myself. I recently started my b-party scrapbook and got through the front page. I need to print off pictures and get scrapping...hopefully I can get some done before the girls scrappy night in a couple of weeks. Finding time to scrap where I am not tired or when I am motivated to be crafty has been difficult for the last couple of weeks. I find myself organizing my stuff more than actually making stuff. I get into these ruts every so often and eventually I get out of them and get in a creative mood. This is also part of the reason why my etsy store is so bare. I have had no time to take good pictures-and the lack of a light box isn't helping since I get home and its dark out. I may also construct a light box for taking great pictures in this weekned. If I do this I will take pictures of each step and post a tutorial on here.

Happy Scrapping :)

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