Monday, December 14, 2009

Its starting to feel like Christmas...but where's the snow?

This weekend the rest of the outdoor Christmas lights went up --thanks to my dad coming over and helping me get them all up. You can see the house from down the block and that makes me very happy. Its my favorite time of the year when I can put the lights up--to me its not Christmas with out the house all decorated outside and inside.

I also started to add more decorations to the inside of the house, but I think my house is protesting...all the garland that I hung up has started to fall off!!! I have to find a stickier solution than the hooks I'm currently using. I have this problem every year and my husband thinks its hillarious, of course he won't help (he thinks its a waste of time)--one day I will win the sticky war and my garland will stay up!!

My husband and I have never done gifts--we usually get stuff ourselves that we want, concert tickets or travel. This year his parents are buying us our tickets to Texas so we can visit them. I'm excited to go and see his family again but I also hope we can see other parts of Texas that we haven't seen before. This will be my first Christmas without snow...I think I may miss it--I already do here in IL--we don't have any of the white stuff on the ground just MUD! from all the rain and ice that we have gotten--I just wish it would snow already so my kitchen floors would stay clean. I guess muddy floors are here to stay for now as my pups go play out in the yard.

On the scrapping front--I have to clean up all the leftover boxes from christmas ornaments that are in the room. I got a real tree this year and have it in the window in my scrapbook room since its the only window that I can use facing the front of the house. Pat refuses to move the furniture in the living room to make room for a tree, so this is the best that I can do.

I have also started working on a few Chirstmas card designs that I will be mailing out to friends and family in upcoming week.

I will be adding pictures later tonight I hope :)

Happy Scrapping

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