Friday, December 11, 2009

Broadway on my mind...

I have always been a fan of theatre and musicals. For me they are a great way to escape and I find them more personal then just seeing a movie on a big screen. I love the costumes, set designs, choreography--basically all of it!

Lately wanting to see broadway shows in Chicago has been on my mind a lot! I have missed a ton of shows in the past and I don't see that changing anytime soon unless I make drastic changes now!! The last show I saw live was years ago. I took my mom to see Filder on the Roof--one of her favorite stories for mother's day. We had a blast and enjoyed the show.

I wish Pat would go to see theatre shows with me--but he HATES theatre especially musicals. I dragged him to see his colleges production a few years back--he liked it--but says he would never go again--why? I have no idea. I will never "make" him go with me because he made the car ride that miserable!!

I hate going to shows/events alone but I think it will be the only way for me to see shows. I may be able to take my mom to a few... I have also started thinking of getting season passes for the new year. Here is their website:

The shows that are included for the season are:
*Billy Elliot the musical
*August: Osage County
*Beauty & the Beast
*Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 steps
*Shrek the musical

Depending on the seats you choose you can be a season ticket holder for these shows for under $150!!! To me thats a great deal since most of these shows will sell out fast and you will pay about $100 for each show!! Plus there are a lot of other benefits with being a season holder like getting friends and family tickets before they are released to the public. I may make this my late christmas gift to myself and start going alone--that way I won't miss any more shows.

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