Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year: 2010 is finally here :)

So 2009 quickly came to a close--it was a good year filled with both ups and downs, but most importantly with memories to cherish forever...

We finished 2009 at home with the snow and a few close friends--pictures will be posted soon as will our christmas pictures from Texas :)

I always try to do a list of things I want to accomplish in the new year--I don't like to call them resolutions since those always get broken so here is my list for 2010:

*To become closer to nature-I want to start taking more hikes/walks in my area and exploring what is around me--there are several forest preserves/and a state park that I have yet to visit that are anywhere from 5-15 minutes away-time to get started!

*Taking care of my family-and my lil' zoo, just improving their lives in anyway that I can to make them happy and feel loved-maybe the pups can help me explore the world around us on little walks to start

*To put a dent in my personal scrapbooking that has seriously started to slack and build up over the years-I have my room finally so no more excuses!

*To participate in at least 2 craft shows this year and also add a lot more stuff in my etsy shop!

*To be the best wife to my husband, and a great friend to those that I encounter and that stay in my life--I am very grateful for who is in my life and I love you all.

This year I will be participating in a photo project--where you take a picture for everyday of the year and share it on a blog. You can follow me and others as we express ourselves over the year in photos here: I can never get the link to work but its also a blog that I am following...

I will be posting under Creative Scraps Adventures, and will post pictures on a weekly basis. I hope this will help and improve my photography skills as well as a way to inspire, enjoy, and see the year through other peoples eyes.

Happy Scrapping :)

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