Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Dreaming....of Copic Markers!

I normally don't remember my dreams and often think I simply don't have them when I sleep. On occasion I will remember parts of a dream-but this is rare.

Last night I actually had a dream about Copic Markers! I don't remember how it started, but I was in a store--and not a craft/art store. It was more like a Marshalls or it may have been a thrift store and you have to rumage through everything to find the item you want.

I was walking through the isles and a large box of Copic Markers--I'm sure it was their entire collection sitting in a clear storage box waiting to find a new home-at least thats what the picture on the cardboard box displayed. For some reason I can't just skip over to that isle and I am getting frustrated. All of a sudden the floors change and everyone is "gliding" through the isles no more walking--kind of like a conveyor belt on the floor that takes you through the store and you grab what you want when you pass it and there is no going back once you have passed the item/isle.

I see several people touch the marker box and I get annoyed that I am going to miss my chance on snagging them...but to my surprise no one picks it up. As I get closer to the copic markers I get excited until I reach the box...

The box is empty--no markers --just their clear storage case...the markers are supposed to be there but they are missing/stolen...and I see someone ahead of me in a different isle with markers stuffed in their pockets--like they are stealing them...but I can't move forward to get to them...and then I wake up!

WEIRD!!!! I've been wanting a copic marker set but I have to save up to get them...and also they are not available in sets in my local stores, just the individual markers...I just think its weird that I had a dream about markers!!

Happy Scrapping :)

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