Friday, January 8, 2010

Weddings, and puppies keeping me busy...

So the new year so far has kept me busy around the house. Ava went in for her Spay surgery yesturday and is recovering well--I hope I don't have to get her a cone but I have a feeling I should pick one up in case!! Lady will probably be going in for her eye and spay surgery in a few weeks--I don't want to have to take care of 2 dogs with surgeries at the same time--spacing them out will be easier.

Everyone who wished for snow--we finally have it!! The roads are a bit slippery but not too bad around us...some other areas are very scary to drive through-slipping and sliding is not always fun!

I am about to start another wedding invitation order-this time they are pocketfold style for an April 2010 wedding. I am excited to make these and add them to my wedding invitation portfolio! I need to take some more time out and just make up different samples of invitations...the computer design part takes me a lot longer than it should, but I am learning and will become faster over time. Once I get permission I will post pictures of the pocketfolds on here.

In the mean time here are pictures of a wedding invitation, program and escort card I made for a November 2009 wedding last year...they were a great hit!
The Invititations:

Wedding Programs: Front and Back


Here is the wedding card I made for the happy couple as well:

Happy Scrapping :)

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